About Stripped

Stripped-book.com is a first attempt at exposing poetry that cuts at the heart. Acknowledgement of the pain that comes with life and the joy it brings. Recognition of the love that constantly surrounds us and how we need to tap into that pool regularly. Delight in the manifestations of positive emotion. Authored by Ty Grandison, Stripped seeks to evoke a response. The nature of the response, positive or not, is not so important. Realization that we share a common set of experiences and that there are people in the world who have been where you were, where you are or where you will be is one of the author's hidden motivations. We often forget that we are not really unique or separate. Love is only a word or hug away. The idea for Stripped came from five years of writing about raw emotions, both personal and those of people around. Ty's journey started from a place of hurt and devastation, when the needs, impressions and thoughts of others overweighed Ty's own well-being. Ty's own journey and awakening to reality led to a transformation in the work and a willingness to be completely honest with self. This chronicle of the first steps of Ty's voyage does not seek to be anything but a written accounting of one set of private experiences. At the very least, this expose hopes to be entertaining. Thank you for taking a glimpse into the land of Ty.